Fehrens, Andreas


andreas-fehrenns-portraitFake it till you make it
Use your body to change your mind

This short work shop is about how you can use your body to change your mind.

We are also influenced by our non-verbal’s, our thoughts our feelings and our physiology. I want to talk about a study of Amy Cuddy a social psychologist interested in nonverbal expressions of power and dominance and to do a few exercises with the audience.

Andreas Fehrens

„I am an explorer“ says Andreas. He is taking chances and making meaningful connections in his professional life as a passionate entrepreneur. He joined the Prague Toastmasters, a professional and international speaking club and has achieved the highest level.

Being a Creative Communication Coach Team member, he loves to work with so many interesting people and learns and teaches always new aspects which can be useful in our daily life. – Their training focus on: Being confident, authentic and in connection with our audience – substantial for each successful presentation.